Why I write

Since I’ll probably be publishing a lot of posts about productivity in regard to blog writing, I’d like to put it in context and tell you a little bit about why I write, and why I strive to improve my efficiency at it.

My main focuses in my career have long been coding, design and creativity. I’ve built and launched websites, fan communities, campaign sites, blogs, Facebook pages, you name it, but there have always been other people responsible for the marketing strategies and content creation. When I started working with the Inbound methodology, a.k.a. ”Inbound Marketing”, at Zooma, I came to realize the importance of blog writing in marketing. My interests and professional focus in general have since then gradually moved towards the business-driven side of things.

Earlier this year, my colleagues and I traveled to Boston to attend INBOUND 2015. The experience of being surrounded by over thirteen thousands of enthusiastic agency and marketing people highly inspired me to start writing myself. So far I’ve published two posts on Zooma’s blog, and obviously I’ll be writing a lot on Digital Native, which allows me express and share my personal views and opinions about productivity things.

The challenge of all time

The most difficult part of writing might be to find the time to actually do it. Not only in terms of time scheduling, but to write a piece of text from start to finish can be a very time-consuming commitment, depending on your skills, experience, routines, talents, etc. I read a great advice by Seth Godin in a blog post about how he finds time to write blog posts every day:

”[…] if you write like you talk, all you have to do is write down that thing you said. It literally can take 90 seconds if you want it to.”

That’s the dream, but since I’m not a native English-speaker, it’ll take a while before I have a perfect command of the language. Fortunately, there’s more to blog writing than grammar and vocabulary. Content structure, routines, focus, publishing processes, writing set ups, etc — all these are things that can be improved upon.

Final words

This blog is both a productivity resource and a personal journey to self-improvement, and I hope that you now have a better understanding on why I believe that improving writing productivity and efficiency is an important topic for me to cover.

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